Exactly two years ago, the Eva Klesse Quartet released their second album Öbenland, establishing its status on the European jazz scene. Excellent reviews followed, as well as invitations to festivals and international concert tours, which took the band to Asia and Central and South America. JazzThing described Obenland as “wild, romantic, elegiac and tantalising,” while the Weser Kurier picked up on the band’s “impressively precise interaction”. The FAZ wrote: “The pieces develop fluently, and typical boundaries between composition and improvisation blur imperceptibly. The Eva Klesse Quartet’s jazz is rich in interesting melodies and harmonies, attracting different kinds of listeners, yet is far removed from the mainstream.”

And now begins the third chapter in this artistic success story: miniature – ten songs for chamber jazz quartet. The title of the new album indicates the band’s aesthetic direction this time. While Öbenland captivated the listener with its extended tracks and featured sweeping dynamics and wide arcs, the new album is more intimate and reduced. What has not changed, however, is the impelling interaction of different approaches to playing and the members’ different characters, which add significantly to the quartet’s appeal. The fellow performers attentively listen and give space to each other while showing a keen intuition for storytelling without words. “

The characteristic sound of the Eva Klesse Quartet on miniatures is more detailed and transparent than ever. Many subtleties of chamber music, clear or cleverly forking compositions and balanced improvisations make 50 minutes pass quickly. Conceptual ideas and the resulting focus show the ensemble’s convincing artistic development. The band’s depth of expression produces a musical narrative that can confidently exist in an international environment. Such music will delight not only long-time followers of jazz, but also recruit new aficionados in the future.

“Klesse has undoubtedly found the perfect partner for her philosophy.” (Rondo)

“Music that suddenly reveals another world.”

Evgeny Ring: Saxophone

Philip Frischkorn: Piano

Stefan Schönegg: Double Bass

Eva Klesse: Drums


31.08.2020 Seebühne, Bayreuth

16.10.2020 Kulturforum, Kiel

17.10.2020 Jazzclub, Rostock
30.10.2020 Jazzfreunde, Kleve
07.11.2020 jazzApart, Plön
13.11.2020 Bird’s Eye, Basel, CH
14.11.2020 Bird’s Eye, Basel, CH
15.11.2020 Stadthalle, Werl
16.11.2020 Jazzclub, Hannover
19.11.2020 Pianosalon, Berlin
20.11.2020 Jazzclub, Singen
21.11.2020 Jazzclub, Villingen
22.11.2020 Jazzhaus, Freiburg
11.01.2021 naTo, Leipzig
16.01.2021 Birdland, Neuburg
30.01.2021 Schloß Tiengen, Tiengen
02.02.2021 Jazz Club, Chur, CH
18.03.2021 Romanfabrik, Frankfurt
20.03.2021 Jazz in der Villa, Grassau
29.09.2021 Theater Gütersloh, Gütersloh



(2018, enja/yellowbird)

  1. ballade auf 2 beinen
  2. orm
  3. m.’s dreaming
  4. gravity
  5. still enough
  6. back and forth
  7. résister tendrement
  8. irischer reisefluch
  9. and this will be
  10. the 7th sea


(2016, enja / N.C. Music)
  1. Eulogie
  2. Klabautermann
  3. Descend and resurface
  4. Kleine None, große Reise
  5. Sieben
  6. Erdweben
  7. Obenland
  8. Petite chambre à Montmartre


(2014, enja / N.C. Music)

  1. Cowboy (für Luc)
  2. Leise Wie Er
  3. Orphelia
  4. Nie Wieder
  5. 24 – 48
  6. Warme Fusion
  7. Ein verlorener Romantiker
  8. Same Old Story



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