The Eva Klesse Quartet keeps a biennial release rhythm with its fourth album, creatures & states. It is the follow-up to Miniatures – Ten Songs For Chamber Jazz Quartet, released at the end of October 2018 to critical acclaim. Many praised the intuitive and confident interactions of the band and the characteristic, variable language of sound: „There is hardly a bar as one would expect it to be in the tunes of this album. No cliché. No celebration of effects. But rather the pleasure of instrumental conversation,“ BR-Klassik (Bayerischer Rundfunk) stated. Matthias Wegner confirms in radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur: „…a wonderful overall sound: unagitated, but still full of depth.” Ulrich Steinmetzger noted in the newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung: „The continuous development of the band, which focuses on fine details and mild moods rather than superficial surprise, is highly fascinating.”

The next chapter of the group’s artistic success story is creatures & states. Once again, the contemplative quartet, which was awarded the renown German Jazz-Echo in 2015, makes its focus clear: the telling of stories that draw from their experiences and feed from emotions. The group’s guidelines were simple: strategic considerations are of no importance. What is crucial, however, is a jointly developed sound, which deliberately avoids short-lived trends – what is hip today may be old news tomorrow.

creatures & states tells stories about living beings and the states they can get into. The band intentionally blurs reality, dream and fiction in its colorful pieces, taking listeners on a journey through different moods. „Our music is becoming more and more precise and profound“, Evgeny Ring explains, „The compositions gain even more importance. This project is first and foremost an ensemble record, which does not focus on overflowing solos. And for each piece we have a clear visual idea and share the same images in our minds“.

„We have a wonderful new bassist, survived the seven-year itch and went through ups and downs together“, says Eva Klesse joyfully. „There were crazy times when we were on tour intensively“, she remembers journeys in Europe, Turkey, eight countries in Central and South America, Malaysia and Egypt, where the quartet performed at festivals in Buenos Aires, Cairo, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, among others. And then suddenly we had to face times of corona with extensive restrictions. „We get to know each other better on a human and musical level every day. On the other hand, we still manage to keep surprising each other with new pieces and compositions, and inspire and challenge each other on stage.“

creatures & states again manifests the international status of the quartet. Like its three predecessors, the album was recorded together in a room at Loft-Studio in Cologne. The intimacy and intensity of the sessions can be felt at all times. The energy in dynamic peaks seems to have grown noticeably once again, spurred on by the sometimes sensitive or whirlingly powerful playing by Klesse. The band confidently leaves traditions behind; their innovative power is evident in their cross-stylistic thinking, clever details and fine nuances. The music of the Eva Klesse Quartet impresses with substance and depth, elegance and individuality, verve and esprit.


“Klesse has undoubtedly found the perfect partner for her philosophy.” (Rondo)

“Music that suddenly reveals another world.”

Evgeny Ring: Saxophone

Philip Frischkorn: Piano

Stefan Schönegg: Double Bass

Eva Klesse: Drums


27.08.2021 Jazzclub, Singen
02.09.2021 Jazzclub, Bamberg
22.09.2021 Jazzfestival, Izmir (TR)
29.09.2021 Theater, Gütersloh

30.09.2021 Stadthalle, Werl

02.10.2021 Romanfabrik, Frankfurt

28.10.2021 Gewandhaus, Leipzig

07.01.2022 Jazzclub, Hannover

08.01.2022 Jazz Apart, Plön

09.01.2022 nato, Leipzig

14.01.2022 Jazz in der Villa, Grassau

15.01.2022 Birdland, Neuburg

16.01.2022 Jazzhaus, Freiburg

22.01.2022 tba, Saarbrücken


creatures & states

(2020, enja/yellowbird)

  1. Brushing Hippopotami
  2. Minotaurus Labyrinth
  3. Choral for P
  4. Herbstmonat
  5. Mr. Liu
  6. Hal Incandenza
  7. Einsiedlerkrebs
  8. Flirr!
  9. La Vie
  10. Der Tuchmacher


(2018, enja/yellowbird)

  1. ballade auf 2 beinen
  2. orm
  3. m.’s dreaming
  4. gravity
  5. still enough
  6. back and forth
  7. résister tendrement
  8. irischer reisefluch
  9. and this will be
  10. the 7th sea


(2016, enja / N.C. Music)
  1. Eulogie
  2. Klabautermann
  3. Descend and resurface
  4. Kleine None, große Reise
  5. Sieben
  6. Erdweben
  7. Obenland
  8. Petite chambre à Montmartre


(2014, enja / N.C. Music)

  1. Cowboy (für Luc)
  2. Leise Wie Er
  3. Orphelia
  4. Nie Wieder
  5. 24 – 48
  6. Warme Fusion
  7. Ein verlorener Romantiker
  8. Same Old Story



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